Himalayan Villages Every Mountain Lover Should Travel to

Whether you are a traveler looking to visit India or just a lover of the mountains, you should take the time to explore some of the best Himalayan villages. These villages are some of the most beautiful in the world, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you discover.


Located in Himachal Pradesh, Kotkhai is a scenic hill town. It is a small and peaceful hill station with apple orchards. A popular destination among tourists, Kotkhai is best visited in winter.

In Kotkhai, visitors can find two temples. The Madhyamaheshwar temple is a beautiful temple with a picturesque backdrop. This temple is the 4th of the Panch Kedar Group of Temples. The temple also offers views of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Another important place in the village is the Laksmi Narayan temple. This temple is the gateway to the Deodar trees. In addition, the area is dotted with waterfalls and pristine streams.

The area is also famous for its apple orchards. These orchards cover about 23000 hectares and are exported to various parts of India and abroad. During summer, the climate of Kotkhai is pleasant.

The city is also known for its annual fairs. These fairs are referred to as “BISHU” in the local language. These fairs usually begin with cultural programs. They are also an excellent way to see the locals’ lifestyle.

The village also has a public bus service. There are direct buses from Chandigarh and Delhi. Several taxis are also available for those interested in traveling to this destination.


Located on the foothill of Tendong Hill, Ravangla is a small, charming town popular among travelers. Lush green forests and pine trees surround the city. It is also home to several rare birds and flowers.

The city is also known for its old monasteries. It is a beautiful place to spend a quiet weekend with family or friends. There are several expensive hotels and cozy homestays to choose from. The city is a good base for trekking in the surrounding mountains.

The city is also home to several endangered and rare species of birds. A few common ones include the blue whistling thrush, white-backed fantail, and the verditer flycatcher. It is also possible to spot the rare satyr tragopan and dark-throated thrush.

The city is also famous for its hot springs. Along Hot Spring is a natural bathing place near the holy caves. The sulfurous-rich water in the hot springs has healing properties. It is recommended to visit this place on your trip to Ravangla.

The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary is also located in the vicinity of Ravangla. This sanctuary is a great place to view a wide variety of animals, including Himalayan birds.


Located in the Pir Panjal mountain range, Karsog is a beautiful and picturesque town. It is the perfect place for travelers who want to get away from the city bustle and spend quality time in peace.

There is much to see and do at Karsog. For instance, you can visit Kamrunag temple, a pilgrim site in the Mandi district. You can also visit the Mamleshwar Mahadev temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Another fun activity you can do is organic fruit picking. There are farms in the area which specialize in this activity. These farms teach you plant-rearing techniques and harvesting methods. You can pick fruits such as plums, apples, kiwis, and prunes.

During the winter, Karsog is covered with a thick blanket of snow. For this reason, visitors should pack warm and light woolen for the trip.

Another fun activity you can try in Karsog is mountain biking. It is fun to explore the area and experience the local culture.

If you are planning to travel to Karsog, it is best to do so in the summer. This is when the valley is at its best. You can also see various birds and wildlife in the Karsog valley.


In Mandi District, Thachi is a small, quaint, and beautiful village in the Himalayas. The town is surrounded by lush green deodar and pine forests. It is also dotted with waterfalls and pristine streams. The area is also home to several temples.

The village is home to one hotel. The primary source of income for the town is farming. The village is well known for its traditional customs, music, flora, and fauna. The city is also the base for many treks.

There are no souvenir shops in the village. However, the town does have a wooden Lord Ganesh Temple. The temple is pagoda shaped and built in the traditional style of Himachal Pradesh. The shrine is a popular attraction in Thachi. It is also the site of a seven-day event called the Fagli festival.

Another popular attraction in Thachi is the Spain top. It is a vantage point that offers spectacular views of the Himalayas. It remains covered in snow during winter. It is the best way to see the mountains.

The Bithu Narayan Temple and Lord Vishnu Temple are other places of interest in the valley. The temple is known for its annual fair held in October. The temple is close to the local bus stand. It is also famous for its Hanuman Tibba. The temple is built in a pagoda style and is surrounded by lush green forests.


Located in the heart of the Himalayas, Chaukori is an exotic hill station in Uttarakhand. The picturesque town has scenic beauty, rich flora, and pleasant temperatures. The village is a perfect getaway from bustling city life.

One of the many things that make the town of Chaukori so unique is the star-filled night sky. This is the best time to catch a glimpse of the heavens. The city is located over two thousand meters above sea level. The night sky is filled with stars and the moon. It is a treat to watch the sun disappear behind the mountains.

Another reason to visit this quaint town is the temples. These temples are considered holy by locals. They are simple in their architectural design. They are carved out of stone. These temples are a great way to learn more about the region’s history and culture.

Beautiful tea gardens surround Chaukori. The tea garden has been in existence since British rule. It offers a serene atmosphere and a variety of tea flavors. The gardens are also a source of refreshing air.

The temple of Arjuneshwar is also worth a visit. It is a well-preserved temple. It is considered to be a wonder in itself. This temple is situated at the height of six thousand feet.


Located in the Himalayas, Harsil is a village with beautiful surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere. It is the perfect location for nature lovers and is recommended for families and foreign tourists. Besides its scenic beauty, it also offers plenty of trekking options.

The Bhagirathi River flows through the town of Harsil. The city’s upper reaches are connected to the Baspa Valley and the Lamkhaga Pass. It is also connected to the Nelang Valley.

Its climate is chilly, but it receives snowfall throughout the year. Winters are considered auspicious in the region.

It is a part of the Gangotri National Park. The region is spread over 1,553 square kilometers. Numerous trails and unexplored routes lead to scenic views of nature.

It is an offbeat place in Uttarakhand. The Bhotiya tribe who live here have a unique way of living. They speak a dialect similar to Tibetan. The village is also known for its apple orchards. They are trendy all over the country.

Several bus services are available to Harsil from the nearby towns. It is also convenient for people traveling from other states. However, it is not easy to find accommodation here.


In the Pauri district, Khirsu is a charming village surrounded by thick forests. It offers a fantastic view of the Himalayan range. It is home to several ancient temples like Jwalpa Devi and Ulka Garhi.

Khirsu is a perfect place for nature lovers and bird watchers. It is home to over 300 bird species. It is also an excellent place for sightseeing tours. The best time to visit is during April and September. The weather in Khirsu is pleasant most of the year. However, the monsoon season is best avoided.

The main occupation of the villagers is step farming. It is a labor-intensive activity and helps in water conservation. This method of agriculture dates back to 2000 years. It is also used in mountain regions all over the world.

The forests of Khirsu are a blend of dense oak, pine, and Deodar trees. The forest area is home to exclusive flora and fauna.

Aside from hiking and bird watching, visitors can take village tours. This gives them a chance to get acquainted with the local people. They can also learn how the villagers grow their crops.

The village is also known for its apple orchards. Various homestays and hotels are available in Khirsu. The town is a perfect destination for backpackers.

best travel hotels in the world

Whether you are planning a romantic getaway for two or a business trip, there are some great travel hotels you can choose from. Some hotels are rated in the top five by Travel + Leisure, and others in the top ten by Condé Nast Traveler.

Burj Al Arab

Located on an island off the coast of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is one of the world’s most beautiful and impressive hotels. SeaWorld has two outdoor pools, a high-end spa, and a private beach. It is also the only hotel in the world to FlatWorld, a private helipad.

The Burj al Arab is billed as the world’s talleWorld’ssuite hotel, with 199 rooms and suites. The lobby is the world’s largeWorld’sum. It is designed in the shape of an Arabian dhow sail. It features 250 concrete columns that go 45 meters under the sea.

The interior is decorated with a genuine 24-karat gold leaf. The building has been awarded several awards for its extravagant approach to luxury. It has also been named the world’s best World’sany times over. The hotel is a part of the Jumeirah Group.

Inside, Burj Al Arab offers guests the chance to see some of the building’s most exciting features. The tour costs around $109 and includes pictures of the hotel’s Royal Suite, a marble jacuzzi tub, and some insider trivia.

The Talise Spa is a high-end establishment located on the 18th floor. It has 16 treatment rooms, a whirlpool, and saunas. There is an open-air pool as well. It is the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing.

If you want to take a dip, you can rent a private moonlight swim with floating rose petals. It will set you back at least 6,000 Dirhams per couple.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Located in the Central district of Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental is a luxury resort that has retained many of its original design elements. The hotel is well-equipped with modern amenities. This luxury travel hotel is a good choice for business travelers and families looking for a relaxing getaway. It is close to the city’s cultural and shopping districts.

As a leading luxury hotel brand, Mandarin Oriental is committed to providing a memorable experience to every guest. They are also committed to environmentally sound practices, implementing a framework for sustainability programs, and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Mandarin Oriental also has a long history of hospitality excellence. For over 55 years, this luxury hotel in Hong Kong has welcomed visitors to the city. It has a reputation for impeccable service, well-appointed accommodations, and outstanding restaurants.

As an innovative luxury hotel brand, Mandarin Oriental has several firsts to its credit. They have introduced a digital platform allowing consumers to connect with other users or fans and share their own experiences.

The company is also one of the first to incorporate digital advertising into its marketing campaign. In 2000, the group launched a multi-million dollar global print advertising campaign. It was the first global print campaign to use digital photography.

Besides its impressive marketing campaigns, the company has also been known for its signature hospitality service. This includes a luxurious spa and Ayurvedic healing therapies. They also offer a variety of retirement plans.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Located on the shores of Lake Como, Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a luxury travel hotel that combines the vitality of times past with the contemporary luxuries that today’s travelers want. The Italian family that runs the hotel has a long tradition of authentic Italian hospitality and service.

Founded in 1910 by Enea Gandola and Maria Orsolini, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a unique hotel in Italy. The owners wanted to create a place of sophistication for international travelers. The property was originally a 17th-century private villa remodeled to become a five-star deluxe hotel.

The palatial hotel is adjacent to the gardens of the historic Villa Carlotta. The gardens are known for their rare plants and botanical collections. The park features azaleas, hydrangeas, and magnolias. The park stretches more than 20,000 square meters, making it one of the largest parks in the area.

The resort has several amenities to help guests relax. There are two swimming pools, a floating pool, and a sandy beach. There is also a floodlit clay tennis court, snack bars, and a full-service spa. There is also a concierge to arrange activities, such as bike rental and hiking trails.

The hotel’s renowned T Spa offers a luxurious selection of skincare and beauty treatments. The T Bar serves drinks until midnight. Guests can also enjoy a night menu with after-hours dining.

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo has a total of 75 rooms. They range from a Junior Suite to a Rooftop Suite. All of the accommodations feature elegant interiors with period furnishings and contemporary luxuries. They include a private terrace or balcony, an Imperial marble bathroom, and a rain shower.

Soneva Jani

Located in the Maldives, Soneva Jani is an award-winning luxury resort. It is a private, tropical retreat located in the crystal clear waters of a lagoon. Its secluded beach is lined with pristine beaches and lush tropical greenery.

The villas of Soneva Jani are arranged in three main areas. Each has its stretch of lagoon. Some of the villas include private water slides. The villas feature eco-friendly decor and furnishings, including retractable roofs. Some also have an espresso machine, wine fridge, and air-conditioned pantry.

In addition to its luxury villas, Soneva Jani offers guests an extensive list of activities. Guests can enjoy Ayurvedic treatments, dolphin cruises, and more. The resort also features an onsite glass factory.

The resort is also home to a coral reef nursery program. There is also a team that helps protect sea turtle hatchlings. In addition, guests can take part in ziplining through a waterfall. This is a unique and adventurous experience that guarantees spectacular photos.

There are also several restaurants at Soneva Jani. Among the options are South Beach and The Gathering. The Gathering has an observatory, gift shop, and diving center. South Beach offers several dining options, including castaway dining experiences. The restaurant also has a chocolate room open for breakfast until dinner. The “So Cold” room sells homemade ice cream and other snacks.

The Apex of the World

Among tWorldousands of hotels on the sands of Apex, a few stand out from the rest. From those above sexiest to the sexiest, these properties have a lot to offer visitors to the gilded city. Guests are treated to many high-end amenities, an expensive a la carte dining experience, and onsite activities. Whether you’re on a business trip or want to relax with your sweetie, this is the place to be. Fortunately, the best of the best is only a few miles from the airport, making your commute a breeze. And, as a bonus, you can check out the local sights and sounds on a complimentary tour. After all, who wants to sit in their room while everyone else goes to the beach?

The best way to make your stay a memorable one is to book early. Aside from many restaurants and bars, you’ll also be treated to several onsite facilities, including a fitness center, an indoor pool, and a striking spa. Then again, if you’re looking for a more secluded setting, you may want to tee up with the hotel concierge and make a night of it. If you’re into golf, you’re in luck. With the best of the best available, you’ll find yourself at the top of the tees in no time at all.

Conrad Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, Conrad Maldives offers luxurious accommodations and dining experiences. The resort is spread across two islands and includes three resort experiences.

There are overwater villas, beach villas, and day-use rooms. The resort is located in the best diving areas in the Maldives. There are a variety of activities onsite and in the surrounding area, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. It is also a great spot to spot whale sharks.

The resort has a full-service spa, two pools, and a tiny baby pool. There is a free kid’s club for children under 12. The property has several dining options, including The Wine Cellar, a secret underground wine cellar. Guests can enjoy Chinese, Mediterranean, and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. There is also a ten-course Japanese dining experience at the Koko Grill. The restaurant also serves local seafood. The ten-course dinner costs at least $230 per person.

The hotel’s main infinity pool is on a large island beside the Rangali Bar. There are lounge chairs and beautiful ocean views. Snorkel equipment and body wraps are also available for rental at the Dive Center.

The resort offers 12 world-class restaurants. Among the notable ones is Ithaa, the first undersea restaurant in the world. GuestsWorlddine at the water’s edge in a private undersea dining room. Ithaca is 16 feet below the surface. Guests have 180-degree views of the reef.