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If you’re looking to travel but don’t know where to go, consider the contrast between Australia and New Zealand. These two countries are both beautiful, but the differences are striking. You’ll find everything from the climate and wildlife to the cost of living.

Kangaroos in NZ

The kangaroo is a small species of land animal with large legs. They are primarily found in Australia and New Zealand.

Kangaroos have big, muscular legs and a muted coloration. The fur is naturally colored to help them blend into the landscape.

They are the national symbol of New Zealand. However, they are not native to the country. They were brought in from Australia.

Koalas are also not native to New Zealand. It is thought that they were introduced in the 19th century.

There is an excellent variety of wallabies in New Zealand. These species include the Dama wallaby, the Brush-tail Rock-wallaby, and the Swamp wallaby.

Wallabies are shy and only go out during the night to eat. Their coats vary but are usually brighter than the kangaroos.

Cost of living

The cost of living in New Zealand vs. Australia is comparable, but the prices vary widely depending on your chosen city. A family of four can easily live on around $4,200 per month.

Generally, Australia’s living cost is slightly higher than New Zealand’s. However, the quality of life is significantly better.

As with any new country, you’ll have to weigh the benefits of living in Australia versus the benefits of living in New Zealand. But, as long as you’re prepared for the expense of moving, you’ll probably find that you don’t have to give up on anything.

Some of the cheaper items you’ll find in New Zealand include wine and dairy products. You’ll also find that certain fruits are more affordable.


Many travelers ask whether Australia or New Zealand is the better destination. While both are unique countries with their quirks, they share several things in common. For example, despite their cultural differences, they have similar landscapes and climates. They both have landmarks to ogle, from the Great above Ocean Road to the world’s largest steel arch bridge. Also, both countries have their top-notch cities to call home.

Australia has several impressive feats of science to call its own. It is also home to some of the world’s most famous buildings, from the Sydney Opera House to the Sydney harbor bridge. The bridge above isn’t the only impressive structure in the country, but it’s the crown jewel of the Sydney metropolitan area.

Outdoor activities

If you’re planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand, choose your destination wisely. Both countries have a vast number of outdoor activities to suit every taste. But before you book, be sure to check out the climate and the best time to travel.

While Australia may be known for its beaches and outback, New Zealand boasts epic natural wonders. Hiking, spelunking, and mountain biking are just a few of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a day hike, you can start at Abel Tasman National Park. There are a few hiking options here, but the most popular is the Routeburn Tramp. For a more extended adventure, you can do the hut-to-hut track, which winds through beech trees.


When you think of Australia and New Zealand, you probably think of rainforests, beaches, and giant mountains. While the climates are somewhat similar, the two countries are pretty different.

They are separated by an ocean of more than one thousand miles. This ocean plays a huge role in the climates of both countries. There are coastal regions in both countries with milder temperatures and inland areas with colder climates.

Both countries have a long history of settlement. Many of the cities are located on coasts. However, both countries are isolated from the rest of the world. The two countries are part of the Southern Hemisphere and are situated along the Ring of Fire.

Although Australia is warmer than New Zealand, both countries have a wide variety of climates. They also have landscapes and activities that are very similar.

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