Venice to Burano


What is the most colorful place that you have ever been to? For me, this is a no-brainer! The Island of Burano in Italy, of course! Before Instagram, I will not even lie that I have never heard of Burano. Suddenly these colorful photos popping up from Burano were taking over my Instagram feed, and I immediately fell in love. When I booked our trip to Venice, I knew that a day trip from Venice to Burano was definitely in the plans. This is a guide to an easy day trip from Venice to Burano.

About the Island of Burano:

Burano is 45 minutes from Venice and the most colorful island/town I have ever been to. Every house there is painted with vibrant color, not just because it looks cute but also for an essential purpose. Originally these houses in Burano were painted like this so that fisherman could find their homes after a long day of fishing and help stand out through the fog. On the other hand, Burano’s colorful homes are a photographer’s dream! I am pretty sure I took a photo of almost every house there.

What to do in Burano:

Since Burano is a small fishing village, there is not much to do. That does not mean that you still will not have a great time. Of course, there are a few things to keep you occupied while you are there.

Check out the Lace shops: Burano is famous for its beautiful lace. Lace has been a primarily produced product since the 16th century. There are many little shops and even a Lace museum on the island. This gives you the perfect reason to buy a lace napkin, tablecloth, or a fan for the Italian heat.

Food: This is a no-brainer for most since Italy has the best food. There are tons of little cafes all over the island and gelaterias. Be careful, though; some restaurants are a tourist trap. The cafes and restaurants in the island’s main strip, and you will know where that is based on the crowds of people, are usually the part you want to stay away from when it comes to food. There are also a lot of cafes situated along the canal that provide a nice view. The best restaurant on the island is Gato Negro, per many reviews and its Michelin three-star rating. Unfortunately, we did not get to dine at this restaurant as often, especially in high season, and reservations are required.

Wander Around Without a Plan: The island of Burano is small, and it is straightforward to explore on foot in 2 hours. Give yourself time to wander through the many little streets and find hidden gems void of crowds of people. While walking, make sure to have your camera out because each corner is a certified photo opportunity. Make sure to stay respectful to the locals and their homes while taking photos; believe it or not, people live here too.

Have I convinced you yet to make a day trip from Venice to Burano? This was an excellent way to take a break from the Venice crowds and enjoy the vibrant colors of Burano. My most extensive advice for Burano is to get to Burano early before the afternoon crowds if you are traveling in high season. Did you enjoy this post about Burano? Is it now on your bucket list? Tell me in the comments below.

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