Traveling the world with your family infuses a whole new experience with the feeling of staying happy at all times. As the sun gets hotter, the urge to take the flight to a more relaxed place on the planet shoots up. The bookings increase exponentially when the winter is almost on the brink. Packing the duffle bags and heading to explore a new place all by yourself is a liberating experience, but it only gets better when you have your dear ones by your side. However, finding the right destination to escape for your familial adventures is often a strenuous task. Everyone in the family will have a different thing on mind, and finding a place that fulfills all these is often not a cinch. Here is a list of the best places to go with your kids.

1. Maribor, Slovenia


Not many people would have thought of Slovenia when making a list of places for their family trip. Although it is a small country, it houses some great features that every family must try out to create unforgettable memories. Drive to Maribor from the capital to delve deeper into the country’s rich culture. Entertainment hubs that pander to people of all ages are the most attractive spots in Maribor. Try the skiing sessions at the resort of Pohorje in winter and get a canoe to row through the waters of the Drava. If you are at the destination during spring, the single-track sled is to be tried for your skiing adventures.

2. The West Midlands, England

Midlands, England

This might seem like a bizarre entry on this list to many people who don’t know about the wonders in England’s Midlands. The UK might boast many other places that appear more appealing, but the Midlands is best if you travel with your kids. West Midlands Safari Park has a big game, a treat for kids and adults. Go for the game and visit the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley to tour the country’s history.

3. Kerala, India


Anyone who wants to have a great time with their family must try visiting Kerala, one of India’s most beautiful states. The culture of the state is worth beholding and etching onto your memory wall. Kerala is said to be one of the greenest places on the planet, and it gets justified by the exotic destinations it houses. Fort Cochin is one of the most incredible places to start your adventures. Since Kochi has some of the best hotels and restaurants in the state, it is always best to start with this virtually highly developed district. If you want to enjoy an overnight float on the pristine waterways, head to Alapuzha for the houseboats made of palm leaves and wood. Food is another major attraction of the state; everything from spicy delicacies to crunchy sweets is best savored in the state’s calm climate.

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