So you have made it to Dubrovnik, honestly one of the most beautiful towns in the world (check out my guide HERE on what to see and do in Dubrovnik), and you have noticed that big green island directly across from the old town. It is hard to miss and naturally your curiosity starts to spark. I remember shortly after I arrived in Dubrovnik, how I could get to that big green island? Well good news is that it is super easy to take a day trip there! This lush green island is actually called the Island of Lokrum and is a beautiful natural paradise to explore. This is a guide on the ultimate dubrovnik to lokrum day trip.

If you have had enough of the tourist crowds swarming in Dubrovnik especially in the summer, than a quick trip to Lokrum will leave you super relaxed and give you a nice sense of peace. This island was actually once inhabited by Benedictine monks. Can you believe how lucky these monks were to call Lokrum home? Talk about living the life! Not only is Lokrum exceptionally beautiful because of its stunning nature and rugged coastline, it also holds a curse placed by these monks. I will get into the curse later on in the post, but for now let’s talk about how to get to Lokrum from Dubrovnik.

How to get to Lokrum Island:

Getting to Lokrum is fairly easy, so easy that I literally did not do any research on it before we went! There is a ferry right in the port of Dubrovnik (you literally cannot miss it) that departs about every 30 minutes. I believe the first ferry departs around 10 AM and you can actually buy tickets on the day of departure right in front of the boat. It is about a 15 minute ferry ride to Lokrum and it docks in the small bay of Portoc. Not only is it easy to get there but it is also very affordable. About 12 USD will get you a round trip ticket to Lokrum with ease of going and leaving whenever you please. In high season, the last ferry departs around 6 pm, so you have literally the whole day to spend there if you would like. Now be aware that once the last ferry leaves, there is no other way off of the island. You are not allowed to spend the night on the island so make sure you keep track of time.

Once you arrive to the little bay of Portoc on Lokrum, there is a map of the entire island. It is pretty easy to navigate if you are looking to go to a particular spot, but if you want to just wander around than the odds of getting lost are pretty slim! Before I start talking about what all to see on the island, let me give you a little history on the Island of Lokrum and its curse.

The Legend of the Island of Lokrum:

In the year 1023, a Benedictine Monastery was founded on the Island of Lokrum. The Monastery was built on the side of Lokrum that is facing Dubrovnik directly to warn the walled city from any threats that were heading their way. The Monks would signal the guards on the walls with smoke when they suspected an invader.

Lokrum has a beautiful botanical garden and also has rabbits and peacocks freely frolicking around on the island. This is because the Monks and Archduke Maximillian Ferdinand of Habsburg brought exotic plants and animals from all over the world to Lokrum, which is also how Lokrum got its name.

Now to the good part, the curse of Lokrum Island and why you are not allowed to stay overnight. In the late 1700s a French army general ordered the shut down of the monastery on Lokrum island including the evacuation of the monks. The monks attempted to do everything they could to stay on the island and keep the monastery open, without any success. On their final night on the island, they held one last religious gathering in which they walked around the island in their hooded robes leaving a trail of candle wax. As they walked around the island, they chanted that whoever claims Lokrum island for their own personal pleasure will be damned. The monks were ordered to leave the next morning and never returned again.

The curse is truly believed by some of the locals with many stories that are spread, some that you may even hear while on the island. There has been misfortune directly related to taking possession of Lokrum for pleasure. There were several aristocratic families that claimed Lokrum for their pleasure and were either assassinated, went bankrupt, or suffered an unfortunate death. And not only did the curse affect these families, but it is said that many fisherman and ships have gone missing that were docked on the coast of Lokrum overnight. Today, as mentioned before, no one lives on the Island of Lokrum and no one is allowed to stay overnight.

So who wants to stay overnight on Lokrum Island? Ok I am kidding, but pretty eerie right? It almost made me not want to use Lokrum for my pleasure while I was there! But that should not stop you, Lokrum is just a gem to explore and I can totally see why the monks did not want to leave. Ok so now let’s talk about what there is to see and do on this special island!

Float in the Dead Sea:

There is a small salt lake located almost in the center of the island. You totally cannot miss it as there is a sign pointing you to it. This salt lake has such refreshing and you guessed it, salty water! We enjoyed a cool off in this little lake after a full morning of walking around Lokrum and exploring hidden coves and beaches. You can float, swim, swing on the rope swing, or just lay out in the sun for a perfect and peaceful afternoon. The Dead Sea lake does get crowded in the afternoon especially in the summer and can sometimes result in a hard time finding a little spot to sit down.

Find the Hidden Natural Window on the Adriatic Sea:

Now we get to the not famous yet natural window on Lokrum Island that overlooks the Adriatic sea. I am actually shocked that more people do not know about this natural window. It is actually very easy to miss, so I can totally see why more people have not disclosed its exact location! I kind of like the fact that it is secret, it is not over run by Instagrammers and tourists. It is actually a very peaceful and we spent at least two hours there without being bothered by a single person.

How did I find out about this natural window you wonder? Well I actually saw a photo of it on none other than Instagram. As soon as I saw it and realized it was located on Lokrum Island, I knew that I just had to find it. I spent hours searching online for its exact location and came up with absolutely nothing. I became determined to find it myself (with the help of my husband of course, we all know I am terrible with directions) as soon as I got to Lokrum Island. To our luck, a couple on the ferry ride from Dubrovnik to Lokrum was actually on the island the day before and found the natural window. They gave us some direction of its location, which really was a huge help!

As soon as we stepped off the ferry, we began our mission to find this natural wonder. Honestly we missed it the first time, we literally walked right on top of it! The second time we re traced our steps and finally realized that we needed to climb down to get to it. It was absolutely worth finding because in my opinion this is the most beautiful spot on the island!

So to keep it secret and not over run by millions of other people I have decided to disclose its exact location with a map if you subscribe to my blog (screenshot of the subscription) and send me an email through my contact information! This way the location is kept hidden and still enjoyable to the few that find it.

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